Welcome to a home for my writings. I’m using this site to document aspects of my life. I reflect on my involvement in activism around lesbian & LGBTQ+ identities, as well as mental health awareness. For latest thoughts, follow me on Twitter or read blog postings right here.

Why Lesbian Essays?

I set up a website originally because I wanted to encourage other lesbians to write essays, articles and dissertations on lesbian subjects. That was in the late 1990s and motivations were differently earnest then. I came out in the late 1980s, so I grew up with too few representations and role models. Before the internet, I visited actual libraries and wandered lonely through the aisles of books in search of the slightest sign of understanding. So you can bet I was excited by the promise of world-wide connection and the do-it-yourself availability of HTML.

We are all products of our cultural history, and I want to remember the different ways I’ve attempted to be me. That’s why the full text of a number of my research writings are still available here. I wrote the earliest ones as a BA and then MA student within the English Department at Leicester University, England, 1987-1991. You’ll find that my writing interests are less academic these days.

What about Other Writings?

Most continue to be lesbian-themed. Or are explorations of identity in varied forms as I learn about myself in new ways.

My latest (April 2021) project is A Memoir in Blackout Poetry.

Other writings include:

black_bookI hope these writings provide ideas and inspiration for others working to promote the visibility of lesbians in all areas of life. All I ask is that anyone who quotes from or prints these pages gives full acknowledgement and adequately references the source.