Short articles

pencil_on_paper64A Woman Shaved: a sign of what?

Previously unpublished article written in 1994, with revisions made in 1999

It occurred to me recently that I’m a walking social survey. With several advantages which help me to receive uncensored opinion: no clipboard to hide in the act of waylaying “unsuspecting” interviewees; in fact no need to ask questions at all, let alone invite people to speak to me. My shaved head is invitation enough. A woman with a shaved head is public property, it seems. A prime candidate for objectification. more

pencil_on_paper64How do Lesbians Read?

Previously unpublished article written in 1994

You may think that an article about lesbians and our reading habits would ask “What do lesbians read?” I’m interested in this too, but just think for a minute – if you haven’t already asked yourself how you read, you may want to take a closer look at yourself (and others, perhaps) after reading this. And I’m not talking about how you learned your ABC… more