My writing

I’ve written in a lot of different styles on varied topics, although I clearly have my favourite recurring subjects. Explore the links below to read examples from each category, or select items directly from the ‘My writing’ submenu above.

I hope these writings provide ideas and inspiration for others working to promote the visibility of lesbians in all areas of life. All I ask is that anyone who quotes from or prints these pages gives full acknowledgement and adequately references the source.

flag_gay_pride Essays/Dissertations

Academic dissertations on lesbian literature and lesbian readers

flag_gay_pride Presentations

Lesbians in soaps and women’s self help groups – take your pick

flag_gay_pride Short articles

Whatever inspires me – it’s often responding to reactions about my shaved head

flag_gay_pride Poetry

I’ve always been drawn to poetry, I guess this is the primary way I choose to express myself

flag_gay_pride Fiction

Sometimes I write prose that isn’t about me at all, or not entirely!

flag_gay_pride Memoir

My interest in personal narratives: the source materials we use to tell stories about our lives

flag_gay_pride Multimedia

Anything that uses animation, video, audio, plus texts specifically for the web

flag_gay_pride Commentary

At times I’ve been required to get outspoken in blog posts. These are a selection of older posts. See my current blog for my latest commentary.