My publications

My own book isn’t out yet. But you can find my work in plenty of journals and anthologies.


Nicki Hastie (2019) [Memoir] “Making an Exhibition of Myself”
in Robinson & Villasenor (eds.) Desire, Love, Identity: From the Nottinghamshire LGBTQ Community
Nottingham: Global Words, pp.1-14
(see video review)


Nicki Hastie (2018) [Poem] “She Looks”
in LossLit Issue 7 (April 2018)


Nicki Hastie (2012) [Memoir, poems, short story] “Two Ways to Tell a Story”; “The Extra Letter I Should Have Sent”; “Peace-camp or Prison”; “Land of Online Dating #1”; “Many Happy Returns”; “Reunion” (also available to read on this site); “Shifting Sands”
in The Big Tree: an Anthology of Lesbian Loves (e-publication)
Nottingham: Sapphist Writers



Nicki Hastie (2011) [Three poems] “Waiting for the Lava Lamp”; “Finding my Legs”; “Pink”
in Soundswrite: anthology of contemporary poetry
Leicester: Soundswrite Press


Nicki Hastie (2008) [Poem] “The Bare-Faced Girl”
in 14 magazine Issue 7 (Autumn 2008)

Nicki Hastie (2007) [Multimedia poem sequence] “Postcard Stream”
in Womb Poetry Issue 1.5 (Summer 2007)


Nicki Hastie (2006) [Poem] “When I Photographed my Breasts”
in Chroma Issue 5 (Winter 2006)
Reprinted in Soundings: a journal of politics and culture Issue 39 (Summer 2008)

Nicki Hastie (2003) [Personal narrative] “A Woman Shaved: a sign of what?”
in The Student Underground Issue 43 pdf version (May 2003): 13
(1999 article reproduced with permission – see original article on this site, and other related writing on this site)

Andrea Barker & Nicki Hastie (2001) [Personal narrative] “The Cancer Journals”
in Diva (October 2001): 8-9


Nicki Hastie (2000) “Cultural Conceptions: Lesbian Parenting and Midwifery Practice”
in Diane Fraser (ed.) Professional Studies for Midwifery Practice
Edinburgh: Churchill Livingstone, pp.63-75


Nicki Hastie (1999) “Origins and Activities of a Self-Help Support Center in Nottingham, UK”
International Journal of Self Help & Self Care 1.1 (1999-2000): 123-127
(see related writing on this site)



Nicki Hastie, Sarah Porch & Lou Brown (1995) “Doing it Ourselves: Promoting Women’s Health as Feminist Action”
in Gabriele Griffin (ed.) Feminist activism in the 1990s
London: Taylor & Francis, pp.13-27



Nicki Hastie (1994) “It All Comes Out in the Wash: Lesbians in Soaps”
in Trouble & Strife No. 29/30 (Winter 1994/95): 33-38
(see related writing on this site)




Nicki Hastie (1993) “Lesbian Bibliomythography”
in Gabriele Griffin (ed.) Outwrite: Lesbianism and Popular Culture
London: Pluto Press, pp.68-85
(see related writing on this site)