Short story revised in August 2008; also published in The Big Tree: an anthology of lesbian loves (2012)

Nothing prepares you for that first contact from Friends Reunited. It’s meant to be from the odd-looking girl in your form group that everyone used to ignore. Telling you she’s married with four kids and, not only that, she’s one of the country’s top barristers, and when you finally piece it together you realise she’s grown into Cherie Blair. That would have been odd. The Blairs are a good deal older than me. Still, I’d have coped. I’d have believed. I have an enormous capacity for belief.

It had taken me ages to think what to say about myself. Not married. Fat chance of that. No kids. Not even a job to brag about. Nil points. So that’s what I put. more

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Short story revised in March 2003. Please note this story contains adult sexual content.

It’s easier on the second night just to get naked as soon as possible. Then no one has to worry who undresses who and in what order. There was no reason to be shy now, or so I hoped. We removed our clothes quickly. Facing each other, clothes in two small bundles beside us, we caught the humour of the situation at the same time. Here we were, naked, and now what? Did we kiss standing up or go straight for the covers? I had an idea. I wanted to take Charlie back to the night before. She was the one who told me you’ve got to enjoy the moment. No pressure, no promises, just plain simple want. more