NaPoWriMo 2013 – Day One

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1 April 2013

Morrissey ate my homework

Stop me if you think
you’ve heard this
one before, but
the thing is
the ink wasn’t quite dry
when what I’d plotted
became blotted
and I had to start
again. It was
Sunday, and heaven
knows they’re miserable,
so it was a slow
restart. I could only
repair in part.
These things take time.
All I could do was
stretch out and wait
for the inspiration to
come back. That’s
what I lacked. Then
panic set in when
I realised I was
getting nowhere fast.
I didn’t think it would
last all day. Pleading
with myself ‘Please,
please, please let me
get what I want.’
Which is an A.
I know you’re thinking
I started something I
couldn’t finish, anyway.
But this isn’t
funny anymore.
I’m still ill over this.
Alright, I want the
one I can’t have.
You say that mark is
out of my range;
I just haven’t
earned it yet. Maybe!
But is it really
so strange that I try
to impress? Some girls
are bigger than others
and couldn’t care less.
I’m that girl afraid.
I have all these
feelings, although I
keep mine hidden.
What difference
does it make if
the world won’t listen?
Don’t threaten me
again with the
headmaster ritual.
That’s too brutal.
I’m a sweet and
tender hooligan, just
wanting to have fun.
You’ll give me
one more chance?
I’ve never had
no-one ever …
oh, thank you, miss.
You’re a wonderful
woman, a real Sheila.
Take a bow. Yeah, I know
my bigmouth strikes
again, but you can’t
call me unloveable.
See you back here
for detention? Ok –
how soon is now?

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