NaPoWriMo 2013 – Day Fourteen

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14 April 2013

That’s two weeks of NaPoWriMo done now, so I’m clearly musing on the passing of time. I’ve written more commentary on this poem, which I also invite you to read.

Now and Then

Twenty four years have passed
since first giving poems for presents.
All of that is so far in the past,
but continually presents its presence

as discriminating edicts discussed
today; how two women walking waist
to waist will still spark disgust
in those who label lesbians a waste

by not wishing to become men’s
mate; for how can she give birth,
a natural duty, until she mends
her ways. Until then keep a wide berth

in case it’s catching; two women side
by side may rub together, be so wrapped
up in each other that the bigots have sighed,
preached punishment, rape, and even death, if rapt

by her own gender. Twenty four years my verses
have been revising the definition of what is awful;
if enjoying a common humanity, not gay versus
straight is our future, I can move forward to awesome.

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