NaPoWriMo 2013 – Day Twenty Nine (Poem Twenty Seven)

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29 April 2013


“A lesbian who does not reinvent the world
is a lesbian in the process of disappearing”
            Nicole Brossard

Khaki is the identifier
of our independence.
How I swoon for its
or yellow-beige. Tan
of earth, skin of olive,
shades of chestnut
and burnished fern.
I wear my epaulettes,
buttoned, and refigure
what is considered
to be uniform. Modelling
assertive pacifism
as urban earthenwear,
I strike a stance composed
of natural inspiration;
know where I fit and
what I suit. Sustainable,
artsy, attired to be
practical, I was recycling
the surplus of armies,
adopting this style, before
comfort and convenience
applied. A lesbian needs
all these pockets to carry
her pride; no camouflage
intended. For I flow with
the fields and wander the
world to reveal that my
combats come in peace.

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