NaPoWriMo 2013 – Day Twenty Nine (Poem Twenty Eight)

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29 April 2013

Rosemary Conley’s essentials for a healthier life:
never use fingers

Before putting on or taking off parts,
following periods of prolonged storage,
you should clean to remove dust.
Pull the non-drip valve down
and make sure it is always open.
Special tools are required for adjustments.

Do not allow to hang over edge of table
or counter, touch hot surfaces,
or become knotted. Never leave unattended
when in use. Never use your fingers.
Avoid contacting moving parts; only the
provided pusher is suited for this purpose.

Prolonged running or repeated use should
be avoided, especially when processing dry
ingredients. Never put your fingers
in the chute. Do not touch if you
have wet hands. It is advisable to put
your hand on top. Push down gently.

This will prevent any liquid from spinning
through the centre hole, and prevent excessive
vibration and noise. Pull up the non drip valve
to ensure no residue will spill out. If it starts
to vibrate violently and produce less juice, remove,
and make sure the motor stops completely.

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