NaPoWriMo 2013- Day Thirty (Poem Thirty)

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30 April 2013

Patting Myself on the Back

Nicki is a committed artist;
Hastie is a necessary artist.
Nicki is a violet daughter;
Hastie is a very fine person.
Nicki is adapting very well;
Hastie is still adjusting to this.
Nicki is so much happier;
Hastie is ok.
Nicki is here to stay;
Hastie is misplaced.
Nicki is brought to the front;
Hastie is a possible fourth starter.
Nicki is our beautiful announcer;
Hastie is a motivating instructor.
Nicki is wearing the vest;
Hastie is a good reporter.
Nicki is the best;
Hastie is very direct.
Nicki is the one who will keep us all up to date with the details:
Hastie is the beneficiary under both policies.

Nicki Hastie is on the money.



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